Tailgating Challenge - HANDLESTASH REVIEW

Tailgating Challenge - HANDLESTASH REVIEW

From Tailgating Challenge:

While the HandleStash is primarily used on bicycles I learned there are many more applications that you can use the HandleStash for from boats, wagons, strollers, lawnmowers and more. How this cup holder is designed gives some spring to the drink you place in it, so the drink will move with the bumps you encounter.

As the weather warmed up in Colorado I started to attach my HandleStash to my bike, wagon and even lawnmower. The HandleStash can be attached in less than 60 seconds and you can move them around to different items. Another win is that there are no tools needed to install.

After the install, it was time to see how it actually worked in helping to eliminate the ultimate party foul: spilling beer. I took a bump on my bike just holding a beer without the HandleStash and quite a bit of beer spilled out. After placing a beer into the HandleStash I took the same bump and it greatly reduced the impact and spilling.

Read the full write up at tailgating-challenge.com


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