Our Story - About HandleStash

We had one goal: make a cup holder for bikes that actually works. HandleStash is bringing the simple cup holder out of the dark ages and into the mainstream.

HandleStash was inspired by spilled coffee while cruising the beach in southern California. Adam, the creator of HandleStash, was trying to carry a coffee while riding the strand bike path in Hermosa Beach and had nowhere to put it. The coffee kept jumping and splashing on every bump, and he saw a lot of other bikes with cup holders, but they didn't have drinks in them. 

He knew there had to be a better way, and after two years of product development, real world testing, and many spilled drinks the HandleStash cup holder is finally for sale.

Adam, the founder and inventor of HandleStash, is an avid cyclist and a fan of all things bicycle. You'll see him cruising to Denver breweries on his '66 Schwinn Typhoon, huffing and puffing up steep singletrack in the Rocky Mountains on his Made-In-Denver Guerrilla Gravity, or crushing gravel and concrete on his Masi commuter bike. 

Adam the founder of Handlestash

Listen to the NBDA interview with Adam to hear more of the story

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