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Shock Absorbing
Bike Cup Holder

Never Lose a Drink Again - Stress Tested on the Harshest Roads and Trails

A bicycle cup holder for real world conditions.

Have you ever tried to take coffee on your commute? What about coconut water or a smoothie? 

We did too and it didn’t go well, so we set out to design a bicycle cup holder that actually works.

How it works
Hold Any drink
Cool down rides have never been better.
Dinosaur on bike carrying beef jerky
Made for any bike
No matter the style
Road bike with two cup holders carrying a burrito and a beer
Stash a Burrito
Grab takeout on your bike.

Made in the USA

We use USA made materials as much as possible and partner with local manufacturers to ensure every detail is flawless.

Our goal is to make the best bike cup holders possible - no questions

Woman riding bike on beach
bicycle with handlebar cup holder

The first time we tried to use a bicycle cup holder it ended in a coffee shower. The rigid design of other cup holders for bicycles meant that the force of a small sidewalk bump launched the coffee cup into the stratosphere, and any drink would rattle, bounce, and spill.

We decided to take a softer approach.

Purple bike cup holder with can on handlebars (HS2DRP)
Tiny cans are no problem
HandleStash bike cup holder in Influencer Blue on flat handlebars.
Carry The Biggest Bottles
Gallary image 3 - Hot Pink HandleStash with boxed water
Boxed water - why not?
Not Just For Beach Cruisers

Carry an extra water bottle on any ride

The HandleStash Bicycle Cup Holder easily adapts to any bike or riding style. Whether you want to carry an extra water bottle on your handlebars, bring coffee on your commute, or stash a road soda for your Wednesday night cruiser ride it's the perfect cup holder for you.

woman and child on bike with mountains
man and woman riding gravel bikes

Suspension design reduces spills

Grippy rubber means it stays where you mount it.

The HandleStash Bicycle Cup Holder is made with a strong handlebar mount, and includes a strip of high quality tacky rubber that keeps it from slipping or rotating no matter how heavy of a drink you're stashing. We even test it at the local bike park to be sure it can make it down a true downhill course without moving. What other cup holder can say that?

Tested on downhill mountain bike trails just to be sure.

Adjust to any drink

Elastic cinch adjusts to anything from a skinny cans, to coffee cups and water bottles
Quick clamp or bolted-on install

We're not your mom: we won't tell you what to do. 

Tools free quick release handlebar mount is easy to take on and off your bike, or replace the quick release with the included bolt for a more secure handlebar cup holder mount.

Stroller cup holder quick release mount
Stroller cup holder bolted mount
Made by people who ride
Made in Colorado, USA

We are bringing the simple cup holder out of the dark ages and into the mainstream.

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kids in stroller with cup holders carrying zoo cups
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