HandleStash Shock Absorbing Cup Holder

Suspension design reduces spills

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All the colors of the bike cup holder rainbow

The HandleStash Bike Cup Holder comes in 12 different colors in two different versions. The classic cup holders (Classic Black, Lime Green, So Hot Pink) are the original design made with a lightweight nylon ripstop.

The Diamond versions of the bike cup holder are made with a heavier weight diamond pattern ripstop. The heavier weight diamond fabric absorbs more of the movement and vibration from the road, to better reduce spills and keep your drink safe. It also comes in a bunch of fun colors and that diamond fabric just looks like a million bucks.

Party Prints are here to make the best cup holder on earth even better. The Colorado Flag is rarely available on ANY clothing or gear, so we're taking a super unique approach by plastering it all over the HandleStash cup holder. Two Tone keeps the off beats on, and if you think that the checkered pattern was invented by a shoe company named after a soccer mom vehicle, we recommend you study music history. If you like to get loud then nothing compares with Party Panther. All the party prints are made with our signature diamond fabric to keep you and your bike looking 11/10.

More than the best bike cup holder

We created HandleStash to make the Best Bike Cup Holder in the world. Since launching in 2020 we’ve changed almost every single part of the design: from adjusting the elastic to better reduce spills, to introducing more colors and improving the attachment hardware to make sure everything stays where it should.

There are a lot of bike cup holders out there, and we are confident we’ve made the best one on earth, although we still have a few ridiculous ideas up our sleeves. Now that we’ve perfected the bicycle drink holder, we are working on a few new bike accessories and ideas. A line of handlebar bags is planned for release in 2023 and we are stoked to have a bike bell launching this year too.

Try it on your stroller, motorcycle, golf cart, or hang glider

We want to hold your drink no matter what you’re doing, and that’s why we’re testing the HandleStash Cup Holder on boats, strollers, scooters, golf carts, wheelchairs, snowmobiles, and anywhere else we can clamp it. You better believe there’s one on the shower head at home. We’ve already got some great feedback on strollers, and have heard from lots of people that there’s a real need for a better boat cup holder.

If you have somewhere you’ve been dying to carry a drink, please let us know! Don’t forget we have a Ride Happy Guarantee – if you get one for your hang glider and it doesn’t work out you can return your HandleStash for any reason. If you do use it on something weird or wild PLEASE share some photos!

Handlebar bags and other bicycle accessories: coming soon

We’ve also got some other on-bike storage accessories in the works; those of you asking for something to carry your over sized Yeti, Hydroflask, Nalgene, etc: we hear you. A stem bag is planned for release in 2023 which will be large enough to hold a Nalgene and will easily convert into a sling bag off the bike. The bike cup holder design is amazing for drinks like cans, bottled water, iced coffee, and road sodas but we’re red blooded Americans and we’re only happy with the BIGGEST of everything. We’re working on a handlebar bag that’s large enough to carry your giant Yeti cup.

Our seamstress has some great ideas for some pannier bags, and a top tube bag is a definite possibility. We don’t want to be just another bike bag company, though, so we promise any product we make is going to be unique and bring something a little different to the market...because we’re definitely a little different. It’s also going to be made here in Colorado as much as possible.

Give us a follow to keep your ear to the ground about what we’re building next, and we’ll promise not to flood your inbox.

Cruiser bike with handlebar cup holder and mountain background