5 Reasons To Use A Bike Cup Holder

5 Reasons To Use A Bike Cup Holder

If you're looking for a way to enhance your cycling experience, a bike cup holder is an accessory worth considering. Whether you're on a long ride or just cycling to your local coffee shop, a cup holder can make your journey more enjoyable and convenient.

Serious cyclists may scoff at the idea of having a cup holder on their bike, but there are compelling reasons why even the most experienced riders should consider using one. While a coconut cup holder on a high-end Cervelo might be a bit much, a high-quality cup holder is a valuable addition to any gravel, commuter, road, or cruiser bike.

Here are five reasons why a bike cup holder is a great investment:

Reason #1: Easier Access to Water

While traditional bottle cages are practical, a handlebar cup holder keeps your water bottle within reach. It's more convenient to grab and take a sip while cycling.

Gravel bike with handlebar mounted water bottle holder

Reason #2: High-Quality Cup Holders

Cup holders have come a long way since tin cans bolted to handlebars. The HandleStash bike cup holder is a shock-absorbing holder that can hold both a 10oz can and a 24oz insulated water bottle equally well. It's constructed of durable nylon and ripstrop fabric, and is made in the USA in Colorado. 

Bike handlebar with mountain background

Reason #3: Need More Water

Some bikes, especially e-bikes, don't have a single water bottle cage on the frame. Adding one or more water bottle holder lets you ride further without getting dehydrated, especially on long rides or hot days.

12 bike cup holders on a cruiser bike handlebar

Reason #4: Convenient for Short Rides

When running errands or going for a short ride, it's convenient to use your everyday water bottle. However, putting it in a regular bottle holder can be risky as it might fall out on bumpy terrain. An adjustable cup holder allows you to stash your bottle and get on with your ride.

Woman and child riding bike while drinking from cup holder

Reason #5: Refreshment on the Go

Whether it's iced tea or a post-ride beer, sometimes you want something other than water while cycling. While open alcohol on a bike is legal in some places, it's illegal in others, so make sure you follow local laws and exercise good judgement. If it's legal where you are, the HandleStash cup holder is an ideal beer holder for your bike.

Commuter bike with coffee in a cup holder

A bike cup holder is a convenient, safe, durable, versatile, and affordable accessory for all cyclists. Whether you're a recreational rider or a serious cyclist, having a cup holder on your bike can make your rides more enjoyable and easier. So, if you want to stay hydrated while cycling, consider investing in a quality bike cup holder. 

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