Made In The USA

HandleStash cup holders and handlebar bags are made in the USA in Colorado. We love American manufacturing, and we make our stuff with as much US sourced materials as possible, using some imported materials as required. 

All of our sewing is done by local fashionista with a penchant for leopard print Erike Hale at Third Eye in Broomfield, CO. If you need some bags or something sewn, we're happy to introduce you!

We assemble and ship product at the HandleStash world headquarters in Denver, CO. 

The cup holder support ring is injection molded by Irwin Enterprises: an independently owned plastics company in Lafayette, CO. 

Some accessory parts like the handlebar clamp are sourced from overseas out of necessity, but we are actively searching for a domestic alternative. 

Packaging and instructions are printed by McCarty Printing in Erie, PA.