Stroller Cup Holder

Designed for bikes - amazing for strollers.

Keep a drink within easy reach

How does your stroller cup holder work now? Does it hold your drink when you hit a bump? Does it adjust to the size? Does it watch your kids while you're napping? Handlestash has you covered for 2 out of 3!

wine bottle on stroller handle in pink cup holder
kids in stroller with cup holders carrying zoo cups
Win your walk

Holds drinks up to 3.25 inches in diameter


Elastic cinch adjusts to anything from a skinny cans, to coffee cups and water bottles
Grab a coffee while you're out

The only shock absorbing stroller cup holder that reduces spills so you don't splash on your little one!

kids on stroller with multiple drinks in stroller cup holder

Rotates and adjusts to attach to any handle

Mount anywhere on your stroller handle, and rotate it to fit any angle.

Adjustable clamp fits on round or oval stroller handles.

Tall drinks won't fall out

The spring design means small drinks stay within reach and tall drinks sit deeper so they don't fall out.

wine bottle on stroller handle in pink cup holder
Stroller cup holder quick release mount
Stroller cup holder bolted mount

We're not your mom: we won't tell you what to do.

Tools free quick release mount is easy to take on and off your stroller, or replace the quick release with the included bolt for a more secure stroller cup holder mount.


Made with pride by your neighbors in Colorado.

Backed by a one year warranty and support so good you'll look forward to talking to us.

woman and child on bike with mountains
Use it on everything

Easily move the cup holder from your stroller to your bike and back.

Black bike cup holder
Black cup holder in down position
black bike cup holder dimensions
black bike cup holder drink size comparison
Cup Holder For Bikes with Skinny Can
Bike Coffee Holder
teal HandleStash stroller cup holder on stroller with a water bottle
Teal HandleStash stroller cup holder with a coffee tumbler
blue cup holder on boat rail holding a beer
Bike cup holder with to go cup
Bike Cup Holder by Handlestash in Black Diamond color.
Double Black Diamond | Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder
black cup holder demo video

Double Black Diamond | Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder

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This cup holder leaves all the others in the dust. The suspension design reduces spills and adjusts to a wide range of drinks. A super strong clamp with grippy rubber easily supports the weight of whatever you're carrying and is adjustable to mount on bikes of all types, scooters, wheelchairs, strollers, shower heads, boat railings... you get the idea. Guaranteed you'll never want to use another cup holder again. 

  • Shock absorbing design smooths out bumps and reduces spills
  • Elastic cinch adjusts to hold drinks from 1" to 3.25" inches diameter. 
  • Clamps to bars, seat tubes, or anything up to 1.5". 
  • 360 degree rotation for flat bars, curved bars, or vertical mounting. 
  • Optional (included) allen bolt can replace the quick release for extra security
  • Works great for Bikes, Strollers, Boats, Wheelchairs, and more. 

Diamond Fabric is so good it must be woven from the yarn of magical outerspace silkworms. It looks like a million bucks, and the heavier fabric helps absorbing vibrations and resist unwanted movement. All HandleStash cup holders are now made with the signature diamond fabric. 

Made in the USA in beautiful Denver, Colorado! 

State and local sales tax applies to Colorado and Iowa residents. 

Need to carry larger drinks? Check out our stem bags designed to hold large bottles like a Nalgene, Yeti, or Hydroflask. 

Orders typically ship by the next business day.

Free shipping in the USA.

International: We ship to Canada, Mexico, The EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and a few more for only $4 USD. Discounted International shipping can take 2-5 weeks.

It says Bike Cup Holder - I thought I was on the Stroller page.

We originally made it for bikes (hence the name) and didn't know how amazing it was for strollers until customers told us. Changing the name is a whole thing but we promise you'll love it for the stroller.

How big of a drink can I carry?

The HandleStash adjusts to hold drinks up to 3.25 inches in diameter.

Can it rotate to mount at an angle or vertical?

Yes, loosen the adjustment screw and rotate it to your desired angle. To adjust further than 30 degrees, loosen the screw enough to rotate past the stop and then re-assemble.

Is the mount included?

You bet it is. We also include a strip of high quality rubber to keep it from slipping, and an optional bolt that can be used for increased security.

Does it really prevent spills of open drinks?

It sure does! Of course if you are carrying a martini on a cobblestone street on your rigid ebike going 28mph, you're going to have some spills. It works best smoothing out sidewalk bumps and surprise potholes in the road. For really rough rides or off-road we recommend a closed container.

Where can I buy it in person?

We're in the process of building a retail network. Check back soon!

Will you make it in XYZ color?

If there's a color you're dying to have, shoot us an email! We have a few new ones already in production, including one customer request.

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