kids on stroller with multiple drinks in stroller cup holder

Stroller Cup Holder

Designed for bikes - amazing for strollers

Keep a drink within easy reach

How does your stroller cup holder work now? Does it hold your drink when you hit a bump? Does it adjust to the size? Does it watch your kids when you're napping? Handlestash has you covered for 2 out of 3!

Grab a coffee while you're out

And don't spill it on your little one!

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coffee cup on stroller
wine bottle on stroller handle in pink cup holder
kids in stroller with cup holders carrying zoo cups
Win your walk

Holds drinks up to 3.25 inches in diameter

Cover photo of red hot HandleStash cup holder with no drink.
HandleStash cup holder in Influencer Blue on flat handlebars.
Purple cup holder with can on handlebars (HS2DRP)
Bike cup holder with to go cup
Bike Coffee Holder
Cup Holder For Bikes with Skinny Can
Studio photo classic black HandleStash with no background
Lime green cup holder (HS2LG)
Pink cup holder (HS2HP)
Red cup holder (HS2DRH)
Purple cup holder (HS2DRP)
Blue cup holder (HS2DIB)
Blucifer Blue Cup Holder
Orange cup holder (HS2DOR)
Red bike cup holder. HandleStash Diamond extra large cup holder.
Blue cup holder for bikes. HandleStash Diamond Shock universal cup holder for bikes.
Blue and orange cup holder on handlebars (HS2DOB)
Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash

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Elastic cinch adjusts to hold drinks from 1" to 3.25" inches diameter. 

Clamps to bars, seat tubes, or anything up to 1.5". 

360 degree rotation for flat bars, curved bars, or vertical mounting. 

Shock absorbing design adjusts to the size of the drink and smooths out bumps. 

Diamond Handlestash is so good it must be woven from the yarn of magical outerspace silkworms. It looks like a million bucks, and the heavier fabric does an even better job absorbing vibrations and resisting unwanted movement. The same design as the others but made with the best fabric in the universe. Holds your drink with diamond hands. 

Made in the USA in beautiful Denver, Colorado! 

State and local sales tax applies to Colorado and Iowa residents. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Zachary W. (Dallas, US)
This is a gamechanger!

If you have a commuter bicycle this is must own! To be able to stop for coffee, smoothies, any iced drink and ride easy without spilling a drop is a gamechanger!

Martin C. (Kansas City, US)
Works as advertised!

Great and very unique design, works as advertised!

Neil J. (Sydney, AU)
Ah, so that's how it works! (or, why Adam is an engineer and I'm not)

After hours researching cup holders online, I grabbed HandleStashes for myself, partner and a friend. Wow postage was a shocker to Oz, but Adam helped out! I was keen to test one on my new e-bike, so purchased a large coffee, jammed it down tight into the cupholder and took off. The first bump I hit emptied coffee out onto the frame and my leg. Next bump same thing, down to half a cup now 😒. Rechecked my setup and then realised what I had done wrong, a matter of simple physics! I'd jammed the cup down hard so it was tightly grasped by the solid plastic ring at the top of the cup-holder, and of course every time the frame shook, coffee spilled. I loosened off the drawstring and just "sat" the coffee cup into the "shock absorbing" material, didn't jam it down, now it worked perfectly! The cup gently rode through bumps with the elasticised material smoothing out any jolts the bike encountered. This HandleStash works like a dream when used properly, and I have not spilled a cup since, riding on standard cycle paths/trails/roads. So glad I purchased these, great service and worth paying the extra 😁 PS: works really well with 'tinnies' too!

Gregory K. (Shreveport, US)

It’s awesome!

amy s. (Denver, US)
Endless uses!

Yes, bikes. But also: crutches! Walkers, knee scooters, wheelchairs. The ability to rotate the clamp allows the holder to be upright on any style of tubing.