How the shock-absorbing bicycle drink holder works

A Shock Absorbing Cup Holder? Really?

Yes! HandleStash is sewn with lightweight elastic to absorb bumps and the adjustable opening holds the drink securely no matter the shape or size. 

Adjusts to Any Size Drink

The built in elastic compresses the HandleStash so it is short when nothing is in it, and gets deeper the heavier a drink is. A 12 oz can rides high so it's still reachable and a heavy insulated water bottle sits much deeper and uses the full stretch so it's securely held in place. 

The opening of the bicycle drink holder has an elastic pull cord that adjusts to hold any shape of drink up to 3.25 inches in diameter.

Fits Any Handlebar

The clamp can be rotated 360 degrees to hold on at any angle, and uses a grippy strip of rubber to keep it from slipping or rotating. The large adjustment range fits unusually small diameters up to large bars like a foam stroller handle or a drop bar road bike with thick tape. We've even seen it used on the grab bar of a motorcycle side car!