BikeLockWiki - HandleStash Review: A Worthwhile Bike Cup Holder

BikeLockWiki - HandleStash Review: A Worthwhile Bike Cup Holder

From BikeLockWiki: 

The HandleStash is a one-of-a-kind bike cup holder that implements several impressive features to keep whatever you’re drinking in your cup/can. 

Despite its higher-than-average price, the HandleStash is my favourite bike cup holder on the market. It’s highly versatile, durable and works effectively to keep your drink in your cup. 

The quality of the HandleStash is even more evident when you use it alongside a cheaper plastic cup holder.

Plenty of cheap bike cup holders are available for under $20, but I’ve found these are typically made from flimsy plastic that wears out faster and won’t dampen the impact of any shocks in the road. 

Whilst no bike cup holder will prevent 100% of spills, the HandleStash has outperformed any other cup holder I’ve tested, and I’d recommend it to anyone who frequently rides with a hot brew or a cold can.

To summarise, the HandleStash is currently the best bike cup holder that I’ve used to date. 

It’s easy to use, holds firmly in place and is capable of carrying beverages of all shapes and sizes. 

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