Why Hermosa Beach is the Best Beach Town For A Bike Ride in the USA

Why Hermosa Beach is the Best Beach Town For A Bike Ride in the USA

There are numerous amazing beach towns throughout the US that are perfect destinations for a bike ride, but nowhere else has the same SoCal vibes, good food and drinks, perfect climate and nearly unlimited bike path that Hermosa Beach offers. 

Reason #1: Almost Endless Beach Biking

The strand bike path goes 22 miles from Torrance in the south, along the Santa Monica Bay, and all the way to Pacific Palisades in the north. For nearly the whole route you'll be on multi use bicycle path right on the sand, with only a short section of road through Marina Del Ray. Our favorite ride is to start from Hermosa Beach and ride 16 miles to Santa Monica for a 32 mile round trip. This sounds like an extreme distance for a beach bike ride, but if you take it at a beach-cruising easy pace it's not so difficult. 

The best part is that you don't even need a map because you just roll along the beach. For the section that does stray from the beach to go around Marina Del Ray, a map can be helpful for your first time, which you can find here

After Marina Del Ray, you'll ride into Venice Beach and Santa Monica. It's easy to spend an afternoon here stopping for siteseeing, people watching, and snacks or drinks. 

With the amount of riding available and diversions you'll find along the way, it's practically guaranteed you won't be riding back until sunset or later. 

Hermosa Beach Bike Path at Sunset

Reason #2: Three Distinct Beach Towns in 3 Miles

Some days you want to crush all 44 miles of the bike path before lunch, and some days you want to crush bucket size cocktails at Sharkeez through lunch. On those shorter ride days you can take in the local towns of Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach, each spaced about a mile apart and sporting their own pier and unique vibe. Redondo Beach is an old fishing pier and market that attracts a chill family crowd. Hermosa Beach is a 20's party vibe with plenty of places to socialize. Manhattan beach offers boutique shopping, an Aquarium on the pier, and high-end ambiance where you can mingle with rich folks. 

Bike On Pier Ave Hermosa Beach

Reason #3: (Almost) Perfect Climate

Hermosa Beach is a great place to bike all year round. Whether you're ditching the in-laws for Thanksgiving or visiting for July 4th you're nearly guaranteed to have ideal weather for a bike ride. The Pacific Ocean keeps things on the cooler side most of the time, so bring a light jacket in case the inversion layer rolls in or you end up out after dark. 

Reason #4: The Food and Drinks

No matter what you like to eat and drink, you're sure to find something that satisfies in Hermosa Beach. For a quick lunch nothing beats the sandwiches at Mickey's Deli

Mickey's Sub

At the end of a long day, Fritto Misto hits the spot perfectly. House made pasta is unlike any you've had, and you'll have a hard time not filling up on the delicious bread and garlic oil before your meal arrives. 

Breakfast and brunch options abound, but to eat breakfast with the locals we recommend Ocean Diner. It doesn't look like much from the outside but those 4.7 stars don't lie. Two can easily split any breakfast on the menu. 

Share a huge plate of grilled meat at Silvio's right on the Pier Ave Plaza. 

Silvio's Dinner Hermosa Beach

Finally, if the party is getting out of hand on Pier Ave and you want a lower key vibe, grab a drink with the locals at Hermosa Saloon

Conclusion: Really The Best Beach Town For A Bike Ride (and more)!

Between the California vibes, ample riding, and great food and drink you'll be hard pressed to find a better beach bike destination than Hermosa Beach. Make sure to bring a basic repair kit in your Handlebar Bag and we're pretty sure Cup Holders are mandatory here. 

Statue at the end of Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach

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