Denver Brewery Bike Tour - View from Joyride Rooftop

Denver Brewery Tours by Bike

When you’re looking for a fun and active way to explore the Denver area, consider taking a bike tour of some of the great local breweries. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the scenery, it’s also a great way to sample some of the best craft beers in the region. Here are three bike tours that will take you to some of the best breweries in the Denver area.

A quick note about our maps: the Google Maps routes show a general overview of the best routes, but sometimes recommend riding on busy streets. Use your own judgement, and when in doubt, take the longer way on dedicated bike lanes or neighborhood streets.

Denver Brewery Bike Tour #1: Platte River Trail South to Breckenridge Brewery


Start/End Location: Vanderbilt Park / Chain Reaction Brewery
18 Miles
Must Visits: Breckenridge Brewery, The Pint Room

Why We Love This Ride: The 18-mile route follows the Platte River Trail, a dedicated off-street bike path that parallels the South Platte River from Denver to Chatfield State Park. An out and back ride, the trail inclines slightly on the ride to Breckenridge Brewery which means the return ride is noticeably easier. Navigation is simple and there are no steep inclines, so it’s suitable for all fitness levels. Multiple high quality bike shops are positioned along the trail, so help is always close by if you have mechanical troubles.

Detour Options: Platte River Bar and Grill, Jake’s Brew Bar, Platt Park Neighborhood Tour (Grandma’s House, Ratio Overland, Platt Park Brewery, Denver Beer Co South Downing).

Start: Vanderbilt Park

Starting from Vanderbilt Park you’ll ride south along the path for 9 miles, with no detours or navigation required. Exit the path at Reynolds Landing and cross the parking lots to enter the brewery grounds. You’ll notice The Bikery bike shop as you approach the brewery, which is a great spot to stop if you need help with your bike.

Stop 1: The Breckenridge Farmhouse Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery has an extensive outdoor area with picnic tables, yard games, a food truck, and views of the river trail and Rocky Mountains in the distance. The restaurant is spectacular, and the beer list will make any beer lover happy.

After visiting the first brewery, you’ll simply get back on the path to head back the way you came.

Breck Brewery - Stop #1 on Denvery Brewery Bike Tour

Stop 2: The Pint Room

To be clear, The Pint Room isn’t a brewery – but it’s a damn good beer bar and it's directly on the bike path. If you didn’t stop here already on the way down to Breckenridge Brewery, you probably saw the patio from the bike path. On your return ride, make sure you’re on the path on the left or western side of the river. You’ll see The Pint Room from the path, and there’s a ramp directly up to the front door. If you need any help with bike issues, Pedal Bike Shop is just around the corner. 

Pint Room - View of Platte River Bike Trail from Patio

Home Stretch: Back to Vanderbilt Park or detour to end at Chain Reaction Brewery

After taking in the patio at The Pint Room, continue north on the Platte River Trail towards your starting point at Vanderbilt Park. You can take an optional detour to Chain Reaction Brewery nearby, just be warned that you’ll be riding through an industrial area that can be unwelcoming to bicycles.  

Chain Reaction - Alternate end to the Denver brewery tour by bike

Need a bigger ride? Instead of stopping at Breckenridge Brewery, keep going another 6-12 miles on the trail to ride through Chatfield State Park. Still not enough? It’s 17.2 miles each way to ride from Breckenridge Brewery, through Chatfield State Park, and up the Waterton Canyon Trail to the Strontia Springs Dam. From there you can ride The Colorado Trail 486 miles to Durango (a mountain bike and snacks are recommended.)

Denver Brewery Bike Tour #2: Tour de Pilsner

Start/End Location: Seedstock Brewery
Distance: ~8 Miles
Must Visits: Seedstock Brewery, Joyride, Prost Biergarten

Why We Love This Ride: The 8-mile route is easily accessed from downtown Denver, tours Sloan’s Lake, and packs plenty of breweries into a short bike ride, with numerous additional options along the way. While you will navigate public roads shared with cars on portions of this route, the roads are not busy and will take you through picturesque tree lined streets dotted with historic homes. Plus: you can tell your friends you visited Colfax Ave, Denver’s Longest, Wickedest Street.

Start: Seedstock Brewing

Start your tour from Seedstock brewery. This under-the-radar spot is a gem in the Denver Brewery Scene that has been putting out world class Czech style beers since opening in 2016. Ample bike parking and a calm vibe make this a great meeting point to linger while you wait for friends.  

Seedstock - Starting point for Denver Brewery Tour by Bike

Stop 1: Joyride Brewing

From Seedstock, ride north through Sloan’s Lake Park. Enjoy an easy ride through the park and exit at the Northwest corner, taking care while crossing Sheridan. Joyride Brewing offers views of Sloan’s Lake and Denver from the rooftop patio, with a variety of beers on tap including numerous pilsner and lager styles. If the amazing beer wasn’t enough of a draw already, their logo features an elephant doing a handstand on a tricycle.

Rooftop of Joyride Brewing showing a bike helmet, water bottle, and beer.

Stop 2: Prost Biergarten

From Joyride, carefully cross back over Sheridan and ride east through Sloan’s Lake Park. Turn north on Vrain St. and continue to W 29th Ave. Turning right on 29th, consider stopping by Hogshead for cask conditioned English style ales. Follow 29th until it forks, then continue on Boulder St. a few blocks until you arrive at Prost Biergarten.

Prost shamelessly ignores the latest trends in craft beer and has instead made a name for brewing high quality German style beers and serving them in a low key biergarten setting with large picnic tables and a spacious patio. Enjoy a giant pretzel, get a boot of beer, and enjoy the people watching in this trendy urban neighborhood.

Prost Patio - Stop #2 on Denver Brewery Tour By Bike

Home Stretch: Platte River to Lakewood Gulch and back to Seedstock

From Prost, take Central St a few blocks to turn left onto the bridge over I-25. Either stop for a pint at Denver Beer Co. or continue another block before connecting to the Platte River Trail below. Follow the river trail another mile or so south past Mile High Stadium and make a right on Lakewood Gulch Trail. Feel free to detour across the river to Raices Brewing Company or Strange Craft Beer Company before making the turn onto Lakewood Gulch.

Follow the Lakewood Gulch trail about a mile to Knox Ct, then zig-zag northwest a couple blocks to find your way back to your starting point at Seedstock.

Need a bigger ride and another stop? Detour 2.9 miles after Prost, and take the Platte River Trail north to visit Beirstadt lager house

Denver Brewery Bike Tour #3: Clear Creek Trail to Golden City Brewing

Start/End Location: New Image Brewing Wheat Ridge
15.8 Miles
Must Visits: New Image Brewing Company, Barrels and Bottles, Golden City Brewery

Why We Love This Ride: The 15.8-mile round trip follows the Clear Creek Trail from Wheat Ridge to Golden, taking you between the iconic North and South Table mountains and past Coors Brewing, the largest single brewing facility in the world. There are many ways to extend the ride by starting further east on the Clear Creek Trail or by taking the Platte River Trail North from Denver. 

Cool off on warm summer days by jumping into Clear Creek at the whitewater park in downtown Golden. 

Golden Whitewater Park

Start: New Image Brewing Company Wheat Ridge Taproom

Starting from the taproom, head south one block until you connect to the clear creek trail. Head west, where the trail soon connects up to Kipling to cross the creek. This unfortunate detour is short, and you'll quickly be back on the Clear Creek Trail. 

Stop 1: The Golden Mill

Ride the Clear Creek Trail about 7 miles, passing between North Table and South Table, as you ride into Golden and past the Coors Factory. You might get a scent of beer brewing in the air as you ascend into Golden.

Once in Golden, stop into Golden Mill for a pour-your-own beer garden with a huge variety of beers and a patio that is always going off. Some people lock bikes to the railing at the entrance but there is a large bike parking area on the side of the building. Pro-Tip: If you do a partial pour with a lot of head the staff will think you don't know how to pour a beer and will fill up your glass for free. Maybe they've just never heard of a Šnyt

Stop 2: Golden City Brewery

Just a few blocks away is Golden's second largest brewery: Golden City Brewery. With an expansive patio and reasonably priced pitchers of craft beer, you'll find yourself mingling with other riders as well as students from the school of mines. 

Beer at Golden City Brewery Bike Tour Stop

Home Stretch: Clear Creek to New Image

Once you're done relaxing in Golden, head back to the Clear Creek Trail and ride back down towards Denver until you reach your starting point. 

Need a bigger ride? Start at New Image's original location in Old Town Arvada and ride the Ralston Creek Trail east to connect to Clear Creek. For 23 miles each way, start in Denver and ride the Platte River Trail North to connect to Clear Creek. If you find yourself in over your head, the G Line commuter train offers a convenient bail out option to return to Denver. You can also ride another mile past golden into clear creek canyon where the path will eventually extend for miles, or turn and take the path up to Cannonball Creek Brewing. 

Denver Brewery Tours By Bike - Wrapping Up

No matter which tour you choose, you’re sure to have a great time exploring the Denver area on two wheels. With plenty of stops to try some of the area’s best beers, these bike tours will leave you with an unforgettable experience. So, don’t wait any longer—grab your bike and get ready to explore some of the best breweries in the Denver area.

We'll be adding new routes as time allows, so make sure to check back and sign up for our mailing list. 

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