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Fits drinks from 1" to 3.25" inches diameter. 

Clamps to bars, seat tubes, or anything up to 1.5". 

360 degree rotation for flat bars, curved bars, or vertical mounting. 

Shock absorbing design adjusts to the size of the drink and smooths out bumps. 

Diamond Handlestash is so good it must be woven from the yarn of magical outspace silkworms. It looks like a million bucks, and the heavier fabric does an even better job absorbing vibrations and resisting unwanted movement. The same design as the others but made with the best fabric in the universe. Holds your drink with diamond hands. 

Made in the USA in beautiful Denver, Colorado! 


Customer Reviews

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H. (Seattle, US)
Pretty good.

I've ridden over train tracks and not spilled my can of 'soda'. I have had a bit spill hopping curbs, but everything has its limits. Just don't expect to do any stunts without your 'soda' spilling.

Safe riding to everyone out there.

Kurt E. (San Clemente, US)
Super Cool Holder

I was having a difficult time finding a cup holder that could mount on my e-bike due to handlebar position. This was easy to mount and the rotation feature was what I needed. Love the design!

patrick w. (Calabash, US)
Kudos, observations, suggestion

I just got it and mounted in 3 hours. Just kidding! One snip of the scissors on the rubber and she clamped right on there. That mount rocks. I enjoyed paying a premium price for an item which shows American ingenuity. One weakness I saw was that the elastic top drawstring is way too skinny - let's see how long it lasts.
So far as bicycle products go, I have never seen a turn signal system which mounts on the rear rack rather than the seat stem. Think about it. Mine is an e-bike and that is where the public is going. (Make a deal with Rad.) We need American manufacturers to come up with ingenious solutions and are willing to pay. Put your excellent clamp on some decent electronics and I won't have to worry about being sideswiped by a pickup any more. Man, did that hurt!
Here we are. Me and Greased Lightning, ready to take on the neighborhood. Tomorrow we visit the wife at the beach.

Rachael H.C. (Lafayette, US)

Fast shipping and great product!

Mikaela K. (Stockholm, SE)
Seems legit

Tried it today, worked fine. Easy install! Will buy again :)