Stem Bag FAQ

How is the Stem Bag different from the Shock Absorbing Cup Holder?

The Stem Bag is a larger than the cup holder and is insulated: It's meant for holding larger water bottles like a 32oz Nalgene or Hydroflask. A more traditional bikepacking style of bag, it doesn't have the shock absorbing design that the cup holder has, and isn't suitable for open drinks. 

How does the Stem Bag attach?

Three velcro straps are included, and the bag has attachement points around the top and down two sides. It is typically strapped to the handlebar and stem, with the third strap available to attach at a lower point for extra stability. 

Can it fit my 178oz bottle from XYZ bottle company? 

Maybe. The inisde dimensions are 4" diameter by 7" tall. Feel free to email us if you're unsure. 

Can I use it off the bike?

Absolutely! The optional sling strap lets you carry it for hikes, festivals, fishing, or wherever you need your bottle. 

How long can it hold ice in the real world? 

We tested it to hold ice for 7 hours in the sun on a 90 degree day. In another test we filled a Nalgene with ice and water from the home fridge, and took it to a local market on a hot day where it also lasted 7 hours. Time will vary depending on weather, amount of ice used, and other external conditions but we can say for sure it makes a big difference.