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This is a gamechanger!

If you have a commuter bicycle this is must own! To be able to stop for coffee, smoothies, any iced drink and ride easy without spilling a drop is a gamechanger!

Works as advertised!

Great and very unique design, works as advertised!

Ah, so that's how it works! (or, why Adam is an engineer and I'm not)

After hours researching cup holders online, I grabbed HandleStashes for myself, partner and a friend. Wow postage was a shocker to Oz, but Adam helped out! I was keen to test one on my new e-bike, so purchased a large coffee, jammed it down tight into the cupholder and took off. The first bump I hit emptied coffee out onto the frame and my leg. Next bump same thing, down to half a cup now 😒. Rechecked my setup and then realised what I had done wrong, a matter of simple physics! I'd jammed the cup down hard so it was tightly grasped by the solid plastic ring at the top of the cup-holder, and of course every time the frame shook, coffee spilled. I loosened off the drawstring and just "sat" the coffee cup into the "shock absorbing" material, didn't jam it down, now it worked perfectly! The cup gently rode through bumps with the elasticised material smoothing out any jolts the bike encountered. This HandleStash works like a dream when used properly, and I have not spilled a cup since, riding on standard cycle paths/trails/roads. So glad I purchased these, great service and worth paying the extra 😁 PS: works really well with 'tinnies' too!


It’s awesome!

Endless uses!

Yes, bikes. But also: crutches! Walkers, knee scooters, wheelchairs. The ability to rotate the clamp allows the holder to be upright on any style of tubing.

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Jeremy R. (Salt Lake City, US)
Great handlebar drink holder

I'll admit it's not necessarily the greatest looking drink holder, but it's suspension does help keep drinks easy to access and without harsh rattling. I've liked mine so much I bought a second!


Received with easy to understand instructions except possibly for the purpose of the 'security bolt' but worked that out.
Very easily installed on my handlebar extension. Took it out with a empty 16oz refill cup in it and deliberately hit bumps and holes - perfect! Filled with coffee for the return - perfect.
Great product

Great Product

Love the product. Well designed. Was referred by a friend from college. So glad I ordered.

Great cupholder

Works very well. Wish it was a bit larger in diameter to handle a standard Yeti, but it is still the best option I have tried. Great product!


Got it 4 days ago, first bike ride today with it, first cup of coffee, works great! But...drink a few sips from the cup BEFORE going over potholes on city streets. The handlestash is awesome but it can't protect you from the laws of physics :-)

Once I drank a few ounces, even potholes were fine...

Good for some drinks, but not all..

I love the concept of this drink holder and Adam from the company is helpful and responsive but it isn’t doing the job I hoped for. The pros include:
-adjustable to handlebar.
-adaptable to width and depth of a variety of containers
-variety of color choices
-fine for water bottle type containers with a closed top
-adjustments to level it a little tricky and needs tweaking after use.
-lightweight drinks get pushed up and out and fall out (McD milkshake for me)
-drinks in plastic cups with straw (iced coffee for me) pop and spill out of hole in cover when hitting bumps. I was hoping the shock absorbing property would minimize that. It did not for me.
-The cinching drawstring helps with sizes but is a bit in the way.
-expensive for what it does …and does not do.

Great idea and I wanted to love it, but it did not handle my drinks as I hoped. The many positive reviews gave me hope. I am glad it worked for so many others, but if you are expecting that drinks won’t spill, it may disappoint.

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash

Awesome product - huge improvement on my previous drink holder!

On my e-bike, I had the bottle cage mounted to the handlebars because the battery pack is in the way for mounting the cages to the frame. My coffee and drinks would rattle around like crazy whenever I hit bumps. The design really helps to absorb shock, and the drawstring allows you to secure smaller size drinks in the pouch. Only drawback was that my Yeti 20oz insulated tumbler is a bit too wide to reach the bottom of the pouch, but I still give the product 5 stars overall for its ingenuity and function.

Well made and well designed

I have a very silly little folding bike that comes on my commute. I'd tried a bunch of cheap coffee cup holders and every single one of them was flawed - the cup would pop out, or it would rotate around the handlebars and wash my knees with coffee.

Handlestash was clearly designed by someone who knows what people need, and has sourced makers who understand too! I took a punt on this and ordered 5 for me and my fam because shipping to NZ is complicated (and Adam even helped me out with that too). I highly recommend both the product and the service!

Really the best cup holder! 🙌

HandleStash is the best. I’ve bought one for each of my bikes and also makes a great present! It gets the job done better than any other cup holder I’ve tried on my bikes. Very convenient way to store extra bottle on a long ride. Easy to install. Excited to check out the new colors!

Awesome!!!! No spilling!

Attached it to my bike! Changed from another product that spilled my drink all over me after a bump. YUK! This cup holder is awesome!!!!!! I went over many bumps to "test it" and not a drop! Amazing!

Covered in coffee

Took this on a short 7 minute bike ride to Starbucks. Within 50 feet I was covered in coffee. No off roading, just going on the curb. Had to wipe down my bike and start a load of laundry. This thing is terrible as advertised.

Hey Nicholas,

I'm sorry the HandleStash didn't live up to expectations for you or your hoodie. We will happily take it back for a full refund if you want to return it of course. We're working on improving the messaging on the website - while it works great for a lot of different uses, the paper coffee cups are pretty bad at spilling. For coffee runs, Hydroflasks or similar reusable cups work great, but with a full to-go cup you've definitely still got to be careful and take it slower.

I'm sorry again about the spilling.


Feeling unshakeable!

Got my new gear, taking coffee for a spin on the bike now!!! Morning time is so much better!

Functional & Cute!

My partner and I both have handlestash cup holders on our cruisers. After trying a few of the top selling cheap Amazon options (and quickly retuning them) we are STOKED on our HandleStashes! These cup holders have a ridged frame so your drink stays level, not sagging down, whether it’s a heavy double walled aluminum coffee mug or a can of….soda (we would never drink and ride! 🥴). Each cup holder came with a foam disk you insert when using shorter drinks like cans, which is helpful. There is a slight amount of spillage if the can is full but that has more to do with the roads we are riding. A few good sips off the top takes care of that. Overall these are a world better than the cheap, top selling options on Amazon.

bike water bottle

sturdy and convient


Got this for my wife as a Christmas present. She loves it. No more needing to wear a camelbak for leisure rides on the bike path. BONUS - I got the lime green color to match her bike!

High quality, great company

I did my research, and eventually decided on this product, as it didn’t look like typical junk that comes out of China. I was right! Very high quality attachment mechanism, and great design. Tried to use it with a to-go coffee cup, but that didn’t work out. It’s would be really difficult to prevent spilling on a bike with a cup like this, so makes sense that didn’t work out. I contacted customer service, and received an immediate response with explanation and offer of return without question. Wasn’t my intention to return, but did clarify that was not the intention of the holder. My wife uses a small thermos type cup, which works perfectly. Love the quality, love the design, love the service! Get one!

Perfectly Adjustable

Easy to install and adjust to any angle needed to hold your drink level

Game changer

Makes a huge difference with drinks splashing compared to my old cup holder mount. I'll be ordering another for my ebike now also!

Great Addition for Winter Commutes

My commute is only 3.5 miles, but some easily accessed hot tea makes these New England winters much more bearable!