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was hoping

i had hoped it would do what I wanted but insted halfway through my ride a bottled water i had in my holder bounced out Owel

Hey Patrick,

I'm sorry it didn't work as well you hoped! We definitly don't want to see drinks flying out - literally our entire purpose as a company is to prevent that. I'll shoot you an email about swapping it out for a diamond version which I think you'll be really happy with (the nicer fabric makes a big difference).


Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder

This is a great product, but almost as important...a really great customer centric company. I worked with them to exchange an item and they were great. Super responsive and helpful.

Awesome hydration holder

Works as promised!

So far the Handle Stash has worked well.

I put a standard water bottle in it and the bottle stays put. It works well for drinks I buy enroute. I would like one that is a little deeper for taller bottles with a longer foam piece for coffee’s and cans.

works great

you would think a drink holder is an easy choice. actually had to research them for one that would work and came across handlestash. perfect for our Ebikes really like the adjust to fit whatever drink u have. holds it strong and steady and mounts how and where you want it. more to a drink holder than you think!


I installed the cup holder. I had a tall iced coffee half full from Starbucks. It did splash out a bit. Also the cup is tall and it did not seem it was a good fit too large for the cup holder. I will try again and see if it is better.

Design needs work - Drooping

It doesn’t take much for the cup holder to begin to droop down. Also regardless of whether it droops my knee hits it when I pedal. Also wish it came in a wider size for larger water bottles

Thanks for your feedback Dawn,

Please make sure you're using the rubber strip it came with and you've tightened the clamp as much as you can - we worked hard to get a strong clamp and add a quality rubber strip that grips well and keeps it from rotating. The washer can deform slightly when you first install it, and if so you'll need to tighten it a bit more after use. We're also working on a drink holder for larger bottles, so keep an eye out for that.

does what I wanted it to do!

I'm very happy with my HandleStash. I've had it a few weeks and have worked out the optimal ways to use it (what kind of cups/bottles work best and how full they can be and then how fast I can go over a bump given the size of the cup/bottle and the level of fullness). I have it on my ebike, my primary mode of transportation. I'm hoping it won't walk away since it isn't super easy to take off with the bolt installation. But if it does, I'll be back for another. This is a great product.

Now that I've vetted the product I'm going to order some for my son and daughter-in-law. I'm happy to support this small, US company.


The best bike cup holder I’ve ever had. So good, someone stole it off my bike, unfortunately.

Works great

I got this for my wheel chair scooter and it works great! Thank you!!!

Amazing Support

My HandleStash has been great for my morning commute. I grab a massive Dunkin or Panera iced coffee when dropping my son at school, and it holds it spill-free on my commute downtown. The truly amazing feature, though, is the support. I had an accident on my bike and, in the process, destroyed my HandleStash. I immediately ordered a replacement but also asked support about how to repair my existing one. They immediately dispatched a replacement and asked that I send the broken one back for them to repair, assuring me it would go to someone who could use it. That was a completely unexpected level of service that I greatly appreciated.


The first time I used it it kept loosing up on the bike handlebar and then the drink would only sit in it on a tilt.....I moved it to another spot on the bike and it seems to be working great now. The quality is very good and it holds my drink very well which is usually a 16-20 oz drink

Canadian Biking Grandma

Hands down the best cup holder out there! The quality of all components is very impressive.
I recently installed a large handlebar bag on my bike and had to find a cup holder that would fit with the limited space left on my handlebars. The HandleStash, with the ability to rotate to get it level, works like a charm.
Once I placed my order it only took about a week to arrive up here in Alberta, Canada. Don’t hesitate to place your order….you won’t be disappointed.

Slowly tilts over

I bought this to use on my ebike which has nice straight handlebars. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with any sizable cup. My 20oz yeti causes it to slowly slip and tilt over meaning all the contents spill out. I’ve tried cranking it really tight with the rubber strap, but to bo avail. This is really only useful for a beer can or small seltzer. Will not be getting anymore for my other bikes.

Hey Tyler,

I'm sorry it's not working out like it should - we tested a bunch of our inventory and found that some of the rubber strips are not gripping like they should. Carrying big drinks without slipping/rotating is a must for us and something the product should do well - I'll email you about sending a replacement. I apologize for the slow response as it took some time to figure out the issue.


Never spill again!!

Amazing Cup holder. The product is perfect for my City bike of offroad bikes. Keeps from spilling. Very durably product.

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Samantha L. (Breckenridge, US)

Great Quality! Great Product!

HandleStash is a very High Quality Product!

The HandleStash materials and craftsmanship are excellent quality! Product will be a great addition to my bike for many (spill free!) years to come, Thanks HandleStash!

It works!

Finally have a cup holder in which the cup or bottle doesn’t fly out when I hit a bump! I tried several others, and was wary about the price of the handlestash. It is well worth the price! Thanks for making a quality product that works!

game changer

This cup holder has exceeded my expectations. I have it on my ebike and it has been the perfect accessory. I did a pretty thorough search for the right cup holder before I settled on this one and I have absolutely no regrets. Highly recommend!

Fantastic cup holder!

I never thought I would put a cup holder on any of my bikes. But for commuting around town, it is awesome! It holds so many different sizes of drinks and can ride carefree without spillage. I purchased two, one for my husbands bike as well. I may buy two more for other bikes at a different location. I wish they would make one for my truck....

Great cup holder

Loving it! Bought two. Might buy more.

Let's roll!

Precisely what I needed to keep passengers on the back of my electric cargo bike deep in their cups. Speed bumps, bad pavement--no problem.

Not what I expected

It was unclear to me from the descriptions and pictures on the website that the HandleStash is not appropriate for beverage containers that have any kind of uncovered opening on them. The first time I tried to use it - with a standard paper coffee shop cup with a plastic lid - coffee immediately splashed out. In the interest of science I tried it with an open aluminum can as well. Liquid everywhere. I guess I expected it to function more like the "swivel style" drink holders sometimes found on boats. It does not. Additionally, when I use a travel mug in it - firmly closed so as not toee spill - the HandleStash tends to slide down. I'm not impressed.


I bought 2 cup holders for my wife’s and my electric bikes, they are the best I’ve ever seen. My wife had a small problem with hers. I emailed the company for advice. I was answered in 10 minutes
They sent me a new one no charge with a return label for the return.
Great product
Great support
Great company to deal with
5 stars all day and night
I’d give them 10 if I could

Excellent water bottle holder

The bottle holder is well-made, lightweight, well-designed and simple to set up. Overall very happy with purchase. This is our second one.