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Great Gift

The cup holder looks great on my husbands commuter bike. It holds his cup of tea nicely on his way to work and looking forward to riding around town with other beverages as well :)

Love this accessory!!

Tried out my HandleStash today...LOVE IT! It's easy to fit to a handlebar or stem. Held my latte just fine!!! Highly recommended!!

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Jennie C. (Owens Cross Roads, US)
Nicely made

Works as advertised, definitely recommend the product. We have bought two.

Love American made!

A great add to my ebike! I did turn the attachment 90 degrees to attach it to the vertical shaft of my handle bars. It is less likely to rotate due to the weight of the container.

Works on a kick scooter

I wish the ring was a little larger for my coffee mug, but it works really great. Going to get one for my husband.

The best cup holder!

I ride a bike as my primary mode of transport and I’ve tried many cup holders. This is by far the best. The handle bar grip stays in place and the built in “suspension system” keeps your drink from spilling. Fantastic product.

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Jeremiah O. (Los Angeles, US)
Coffee never spills

Great product for any drink! game changer for morning bike commuters who get coffee on their way to work

Very handy for cycling needs

Amsterdam, a city of bikes, canals, tram lines and cobblestone paths. Cycling every day means I come across all types of road conditions and accelerations. While things bounce vigorously on the bike including the cup holder and myself, my beverage remains solidly in its container.

The handle stash cup holders come in many different colours too!

Works Great!

My handlebars have limited free space and I ride over absolutely terrible roads. My HandleStash cup holder was the perfect solution--it sits at an angle on my handlebars, but the cup holder itself if flat. On a recent ride back home, I hit a bump and my jacket flew out of my basket, but my drink was absolutely fine. It's astounding how well it works. Will definitely order more for other members of my family!

Zero need for any other cup holder

10/10, 5/5, 100% the best bike cup holder out there.

Superb company, service, and product.

Party Panther Diamond | Shock-Absorbing Cup Holder

Awesome everything holder!

This cup holder is just great- easy to move from one bike to another, and it holds tall and small bottles, cups, cans, whatever. The cinch at the top keeps everything in place, and the shock absorber really does keep spills down. Totally worth getting!

My fourth cup hokder

I like the cup holders. No spills. I have two and purchase two for a Christmas gift.

Excellent for drinks on the go, awesome customer service

I bought two HandleStashes — one for my girlfriend's e-scooter and one for my e-bike — and they work very well for all types of drinks. We use the scooter/bike as our primary mode of transportation around town so it's very handy to have, especially when picking up food and drinks from a restaurant. One of the HandleStashes arrived slightly damaged — still fully functional, but damaged nonetheless. So I emailed their customer support and within TEN MINUTES(!) they had already issued a replacement (and an upgrade to the diamond-woven fabric at no charge)! Needless to say, excellent customer service, and an extremely useful product.

Awesome drink mount, awesome service

Works great on my Bunch Bike - super solid install, just enough shock absorption to keep from spilling my tea! Easy to get my drink in/out one handed, looks nice too. Wonderful responsive customer experience when I broke my first one (oops... I break everything.) Worth the cost!


🏆 to the family business.
Finally a product that takes up little space, works and looks good at the same time. Extremely satisfied

Great hold!!!

Best cup holder out there. I just love that it stays in place. I haven't lost a drink yet.

Well designed and functions perfectly

My daughter can now get her coffee as she rides through campus.

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder

This is a great product, but almost as important...a really great customer centric company. I worked with them to exchange an item and they were great. Super responsive and helpful.

Awesome hydration holder

Works as promised!

So far the Handle Stash has worked well.

I put a standard water bottle in it and the bottle stays put. It works well for drinks I buy enroute. I would like one that is a little deeper for taller bottles with a longer foam piece for coffee’s and cans.

works great

you would think a drink holder is an easy choice. actually had to research them for one that would work and came across handlestash. perfect for our Ebikes really like the adjust to fit whatever drink u have. holds it strong and steady and mounts how and where you want it. more to a drink holder than you think!

does what I wanted it to do!

I'm very happy with my HandleStash. I've had it a few weeks and have worked out the optimal ways to use it (what kind of cups/bottles work best and how full they can be and then how fast I can go over a bump given the size of the cup/bottle and the level of fullness). I have it on my ebike, my primary mode of transportation. I'm hoping it won't walk away since it isn't super easy to take off with the bolt installation. But if it does, I'll be back for another. This is a great product.

Now that I've vetted the product I'm going to order some for my son and daughter-in-law. I'm happy to support this small, US company.


The best bike cup holder I’ve ever had. So good, someone stole it off my bike, unfortunately.

Works great

I got this for my wheel chair scooter and it works great! Thank you!!!