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Perfect holder

I love having my drink right at my fingertips! It is the perfect size & fits handily on my handlebar!

Best cup holder

Love this cup holder it works perfectly

It works great

Enough said, it's good. Love it. Drinking iced lattes while biking now. Living my best life.

Easy Install, Quality Product

Great product. Much better than my last cupholder, which was an all-plastic one from another company.

Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder | HandleStash
Anonymous (Glenwood Springs, US)
works well!

We put this cupholder on our ebike, and it works great, even on bumpy/gravel roads!

Drink made it home safely

Used my handle stash only once so far with my e-bike. With faster speeds and quite a few bumps, my iced Venti (24 ounce cup size) Starbucks beverage made it home with no spills. The cup stays securely in the holder. Easy to install. The only concern I have is durability, as the plastic rim does seem fairly easy to break. Time will tell…

Love it!

Was easy to install and feels very secure. It's great to have a little pouch not only for drinks but for keys and my phone!

Handle Stash Cup Holder

Have used the product for a couple of weeks and have been impressed so far. Thoughtfully well designed product, offers great cup size flexibility and does a good job of absorbing road shocks.

The best bike cupholder

As a former bike shop employee who wrote a book about bikes in cities, I got big opinions on bike accessories. I've tried I guess maybe 7 different bike cupholders, and this one is the best by far. Going over big bumps you'll get some spill, but if you are careful you get way, way less spill than basically any other cupholder out there. Obviously use a sealed cup and you are golden, but if you are drinking a soda and want to put it down for a second, this is the cupholder.

Stem Bag - Black & Two-Tone
DarBowie (Denver, US)
Awesome water bottle holder!

Love my new water bottle holder that will hold my large neoprene bottle and keep it cold. I especially like the fact that it is made by a family company in Colorado.

Stem Bag - Charcoal & Blucifer
Teresa A. (Albuquerque, US)
Have as a gift

Gave as a gift. Recipient loved it! Keeps her drink nice and cold.

works great!

timely delivery and fits well on bike

I hat hot coffee all through my RAGBRAI ride across Iowa!

I mounted my HandleStash and was able to have hot coffee readily available as I biked across Iowa last week. My Contigo cup stayed in there and only left when I drank my coffee. It was great!!!!

Hold My Beer Sticker
Eric P. (Sparta, US)

Hold My Beer Sticker

Stem Bag - Black and Grey
Lauren H. (Denver, US)
Great for hiking too!

I bought the new HandleStash stem bag and would definitely recommend. I used it for a backpacking trip and it was perfect to hold my Nalgene while hiking or hanging out at camp. Kept my water nice and cold, as advertised!

Cool bike bags

I love my new bags and the bottle holder. I know they will come in handy every time I ride.

Amazed at how well this works

I bought this because I needed a cup holder and figured that even if it provided a nominal amount of spill resistance, it’s be a bonus. Then I my wife and I went for a ride down a long dirt road on our cargo bike for an event. On the way home we had two cold beverages and decided to put these to the test…epic results. We actually could not believe how well these worked - watching a beer nice independently from the bike while it bounced along that dirt road was remarkable. 10/10.

Best beverage holder out there..

Love it!!!

Party Panther Diamond | Shock-Absorbing Cup Holder

Love it

A great stem bag! Holds a ton or a big water bottle. Definitely keeps my cold beverage cold. Would recommend!

Stem Bag - Charcoal & Blucifer
Customer (Aurora, US)
1st ride of the season with the handle stash.

Just did my 1st ride of the season with my bags and they worked great. I loaded my repair kits into them. I tend to over kill my repair kits and both bags held up just fine. I got the handle bar bag and the bottle bag. The bottle bag is versatile that I was able to put a lot of small things into it like my leather man, head lamp ect and was still able to completely close it up with out fear of anything falling out. That was put to the test when I took a digger. I was concerned that the bags would somehow get in the way either by restricting movement, my knees hitting the bags or making the bike feel awkward. I got not of that. They didn’t bounce around and make any wired noises or looked like it was they were going to fall off any second. Like I said worked great. I’m for sure going to at the very least get another bottle bag.

Sling Strap - Olive Green
Patrick K. (Shawnee, US)
Simple and easy

Does the job, well-built.

Best cup holder!

I use this everyday for my morning coffee run. Handles the bumps nicely.

It's a miracle

2 hands on the handlebars and an ice cold beverage, unshaken, at arms reach.

Handlebar Bag - Blazin Camo Burrito
Patrick K. (Denver, US)
Excellent quality

Overbuilt, in a good way. Great quality and going to last a long time. I love the color combo and it catches looks everywhere I go too!